Small Plasterworks 2016 - 2017

Sadly, these nine images are the last of the old lime plaster ceiling. Modern plaster board is nothing like the old with thin pink plaster on a paper backing. As my subject matter was no longer  coastal but urban, I had been collecting interesting paper, card and old cans off the street to incorporate with pastel and paint to use for these images. There are still a few bones to be seen as in London, as I was doing this work, the ongoing excavation for the new London tube line exposed a large cemetery to the delight of the archaeologists..

Small Plaster Work Series, in exhibition at Bishop's House, Howden, East Yorkshire. 2016 

The Bones Beneath       
Nothing Stays the Same
Into the Darkness
The View Dissolves
Aerial View
 A Change of Direction
The Endless March of Time

All Small Plaster Works are for sale mixed media on old plaster 2016  size: 53 x 53 cm                                Price inc. black box frame: £475.00