Tales from the Humber

November Newsletter Issue Three

Since writing my last Newsletter, my beloved furry companion had to be put to sleep. She was in great distress unable to breathe due to heart failure. I miss her more than I can say. She would join me in the studio and watch as I worked. When I came in rush in a pitter patter of paws to greet me and even insert herself into Zoom meetings. Now the only trace of left are pad prints on the stair treads, from the time she walked through wet paint. The house is deadly still and quiet without her. She sleeps the long sleep in the garden now and in Spring I will mark her grave with a flowering shrub as a celebration of her life.

My website designer, Jamie, has also been unable to come for some time, due to good and bad things like a wet but wonderful holiday and illness. My excitement about having a website up and running in September, proved foolish, but Jamie comes tonight, and I think I will publish it warts and all, finished or unfinished, amending it as needed. Please let me know if you notice any howlers, details on my contact page.


Not everything has been sad. To my delight my two entries for an Open Call called Carbon - Borders – Voices, were accepted. It was an intriguing brief, open to a variety of disciplines and interests, in the arts and the sciences. Certainly, the most interesting open call I have come across. I feel excited and honoured to be one of the participants. The digital exhibition is due to be launched in January 2022. I’ll keep you posted.