Tales from the Humber

May Newsletter Issue Nine

I had come across the term NFTs but had no idea what they were. Until that is, The Visual Arts Association put on a zoom meeting about them. I decided to watch, though completely convinced it would not be of any interest to me. Sometimes I can be quite a dinosaur. To my surprise, the subject piqued my interest. I could see that it was an exciting new concept and moreover one that could have meaning for me. For someone who has taken more than seven months trying to build a website this might seem strange. I looked the subject up, having only understood a fragment of the specialists’ explanations and broke it into small bites.

Non-fungible tokens represent digital assets of rare collectibles like art. Each token consists of a digital file paired with an encrypted, immutable contract written in code that sets out the rules of ownership and authenticity. It is a record of who owns it, stored on a tamper resistant digital public ledger called a blockchain.

Since the tokens are non-fungible they cannot be traded or exchanged because of their rarity value unlike cryptocurrencies. The attraction to an artist like me is, I keep the original piece of art no matter how many people might buy into the image. I have always made one offs so once sold they are gone. One is even allowed to take a limited edition of prints to sell. I felt I really ought to give it a go!

Okay! So I understood all that but how do I start? In the talk, cryptocurrency purses were mentioned. I had visions of Superman, although with his tight fitting suit where could he carry a purse? Putting work on line, or “minting it” has to be through a special gallery. Where can I find them? Then out of the blue, I found a member of my extended family knows of these things and has offered to help me. This is generosity indeed. We have yet to begin but I am very excited. New things to learn about new ways to show art. How wonderful! The other amazing thing that has happened this month is I’m being featured in Post Card’s list featuring the best top 50 artists in Hull. It’s quite overwhelming! Meanwhile, my work in Sheffield’s Fronteer’s Gallery exhibition ‘Skulls and Bones’  can be seen until the end of the month.