Tales from the Humber

March Newsletter Issue Seven

It is such a relief to have longer daylight hours. Spring flowers are everywhere and so marvellous to have one whole week of warm sunshine. Back to normal now with rain and in places snow! I love our changing skies and wouldn’t change them to get the same reliable weather day after day.

It hasn’t been a successful month for making artwork. I have struggled with the last drawing in particular. It has no complicated composition and is divided by two horizontal sections. It shows the sky and the river with the dark stripe of Lincolnshire in the middle. .Only colour and mark making can suggest mood, light and time of day. They also need to differentiate between air and water, the calm river and the light changing as dusk starts to fall. It is extremely hard to know when to stop. This image has had quite a few over overhauls. Sometimes if overworked, the only answer is to put it away in the plan chest for tearing up and reusing in a collage.

I have made several submissions to Artist Open Calls during March and delighted to be showing work in two.


Four of my large drawings are to be seen in a Virtual Flux Exhibition called ‘Creative Minds’ featured on Instagram 30th March – 29th June 2022


My paper clay ceramic ‘Bone Shrine” will be exhibited in the Fronteer Basement Gallery, Sheffield, in a show called ‘Skulls and Bones’ featuring art related to the subject of Ossuary.


The Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday 10-3, Saturday 2-6.Hope you can make it.