Large Plaster Works  Series  2000 - 2010

In 2000 I remarried and moved house. Having some work done before moving in, we discovered the bathroom ceiling was held up by only four nails! When it was replaced, I rescued the old plaster. It was from the sixties and unlike the modern material, consisted of layers of paper and hessian to strengthen the plaster. It proved a wonderful material base to work on and  replaced the corrugated cardboard used before. I was able to carve it out to embed found treasures and drew, painted and collaged the surfaces, but the subject matter remained the same, the erosion of the coast.

Be Happy     mixed media  2000                                                                                           NFS

mixed media   2003       framed: 86.5 x 75.5 cm
price inc. frame:  £875.00
The Untold Years That Fold Up Like a Fan
mixed media   2002        framed: 86.5 x 75.5 cm
price inc. frame:  £875.00

In a private collection                                            NFS

The broken plaster pieces were not uniform and the edges fragile. With so many shapes and sizes and no money to hire outside help, I made the frames myself. It took ages Few of these works have been shown in the UK. My son moved to France to run a guest house and begged the work to display in the bedrooms. The French loved them and if personal problems had not got in the way, I should have priced them for sale. However, he is now back living in North Yorkshire and the artwork is still fully packaged and stored in an outhouse. I have asked him to bring one or two pieces back to me whenever he visits so I can record all the images on a computer file. It will be interesting to see and asess them after all this time. I possess three pieces of this work, see above, while two others are in private collections.