Landscapes 1980 - 1988


I took photographs of the Thames Embankment and Kew towpath prior to moving back to North Yorkshire in 1975. I knew I wanted to make images from them. The collages and enamels were only 4 x 3" as I worked on my kitchen table not having a studio.

The Ings, Wykeham Estate

After a period of teaching, I began working for Wykeham Estate in the Forestry Department, mainly on the nursery for growing amenity ornamental trees. The Estate owned a lot of land and I particularly loved the wet flatlands with their drainage ditches, where parts wobbled like jelly, an indication that In prehistoric times it had been a large lake. When gravel was discovered.and extracted, the empty pits have become a series of lakes used for leisure and fishing. My work became a record of the land when I lived there. 



All my work from this series sold and are in private collections