Morley College 1970 – 1971  

We lived in London from 1969 to 1975. I had two small children, my son born 1966 and my daughter, born 1968. To my delight Morley College had a creche and a nursery. This enabled me to attend a life drawing class. I couldn’t carry much with two little ones, a pushchair and both in terry nappies. I couldn’t drive so we were on public transport.

Frustrated by pencil and paper I began rooting through the rubbish bins to find scraps of paper and that’s when I began to use collage! They were mainly short poses so had to be done swiftly.

Seated Women           Collage         1971
68cm x 27.5cm / 26.75in x 10.75in
TBD        Collage                       1970
68cm x 27.5cm / 26.75in x 10.75in
Standing Woman                                 Collage                                   1971
68cm x 27.5cm / 26.75in x 10.75in                                        Price: £110
Three Figures Study   Collage   1971
23cm x 48cm / 9in x 18.9in
Standing Woman  Collage            1971
68cm x 27.5cm / 26.75in x 10.75in            Price: £110

Central School of Art, postgraduate studies 1973 - 1975

I attended Central School of Art once the children were in school. I learned fine art enamelling which is a process where one makes images using powdered glass on specially prepared steel plates 24” x 6”. I have always enjoyed learning new techniques and wanted a chance to turn my collaged life studies into enamels.

Kneeling Woman   Enamel on Steel   1973 
Size, TBA                            Private collection
Sleeping Model   Enamel on Steel  1974
183cm x 81cm / 72in x 32in
Seated Model             Enamel on Steel                 1975
Size, TBA